Born and raised in Bolivia, Claudia Daniel came to the US at the age of 15 on political asylum.  With Spanish as her primary language, Claudia had to learn to quickly adapt to a new country and language.  At the age of 19, she joined the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman.  She proudly served her new country for 8 years until she was medically retired.  While in the Navy, she continued her college education and earned an Associates degree in Arts, a Bachelors of Science in psychology degree, a Masters of Science in psychology degree, and started her Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology degree.  On top of her college education, she also became a psychiatric technician and later became a substance abuse counselor.  While in Update in different behavioral health settings such as inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance abuse programs for both adolescents and adults.

After her medical retirement, Claudia obtained a position as a substance abuse counselor in an inpatient medical and social detoxification center for adults.  Within 6 months, she was promoted to Clinical Coordinator and she worked there for 5 years.  She relocated to Alabama with her family and worked as the Program Director for two Assertive Community Teams in LaGrange and Athens, GA, serving the severely mentally ill.  She then moved on and became the Lead Bilingual Substance Abuse Counselor for a Health IT substance abuse grant from SAMHSA managed by CETPA. When her contract with the grant was completed she joined New Day Treatment Center as their new Clinical Director and has been there since September 2015.  Claudia has also been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Phoenix since 2012 and has been facilitating classes in Psychology and Humanities.  Claudia enjoys and is thankful for the opportunity to be able to practice as well as teach theories of psychology and substance abuse.  Claudia is also continuing to pursue her education and is working towards her Ph.D.  She is currently working on her dissertation which is a case study on the perceptions of police officers on individuals who abuse substances.