Farrah ZohouriI grew up in Iran.  I graduated in Science and Math.  I always had a love for theater. I started to play in daytime soap opera movies and also in stage theater at a young age. The fame took away my freedom. I’ve always been followed by big crowds to take my signature or have their pictures done with me.  My country was going thru a revolution at the time and I felt that my life would be in danger.  So my parent brought all of us to the US and I had to leave everything that I earned back at home and start my life over. This time was different. No job, no money, no fame, new country, new language.  But I have to make a living and I know that I have a good sense of design.  I did not have enough money to go to school again to learn something new.  I could bring only $2000 with me to the country so I went to hair design school that was the only thing that my money could buy for me. And I knew I could do it. The best thing that happened in my life was the birth of my wonderful daughter Anna.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  If I had known sooner it could be prevented but my doctor forgot to send me a letter after a mammogram that I needed a biopsy immediately.  When I questioned my doctor he just apologized. What could I do? I had to move on and I had to find a new way to support us since I could not use my arms very well at that time.  When I was on chemotherapy everyone was talking if they survive what they will do with their lives, I knew what I wanted to do.  I wanted to help others to fix their lives and what area was better than helping people with a drug addiction.   I could help in many areas.  People with addiction usually lose their job, their family, but most of all self-respect.  But I could help them in all those areas.  My problem was that I didn’t have enough money.  So with the little that I saved I started buying and fixing low-income properties.  My goal was to make these homes as classy and beautiful as possible since these homes normally lacked these features.  And in order for them to be able to buy my homes, I had to fix their credit scores by teaching them how they could improve their credit scores.  So I sold many homes and everyone loved what they were getting with their money.  At the same time, the housing market went down and I knew that I had to get out.  But I was able to save enough to start what I envisioned that day at the chemotherapy.  My promise to my Jesus.

The Lord has been a big part of my life, always.  He has saved me throughout all the ups and downs.  And I know with my best friend on my side, Jesus Christ, I can do anything if I put my mind to it. But opening an Opioid treatment center needed a lot more money than I thought it would need, but still, I didn’t give up.  I had little money but a big vision and a great taste for my patients.  I wanted to give them a beautiful facility that they would be proud to come in and also a great service.  Especially I liked one building, one property, that was perfect for my plan but was not perfect for my budget.  So one day I was driving around and I was talking to Jesus that I need him to show me a sign where I can find a place that would be the right place with my budget.  I realized I’m running out of gas, I got out of the exit and my gas went out right in front of the building that I first offered and I liked but I couldn’t get.  I looked at the real estate sign at the door that said “price reduced”.  You all are guessing it right.  Yes, it was our clinic, New Day.   One of the auditors that were inspecting me for one of my licenses told me “lady I can see that you are from another country and you are by yourself.  You want to start something that even American people cannot easily accomplish with all of their experience and ability to have access to the sources.  Do you know that you have a bullet hole in your wall? You are not in your territory.  Are you sure you don’t want to open a boutique somewhere?”.  I looked at him and said, “no, it needs more than a bullet hole to stop me of my vision.  I never give up but thank you for your advice”.  So my journey started then but throughout this period of my life, I and my daughter had a big share of heartache and disappointment.

You guys might wonder why my biography is so long but I want everyone to know that if a person like me with limited budget survived from cancer, a single mother, not fluently speak the language, can do what I did, everyone can.  I never wanted to play as a victim.  I wanted to be the victor.  And I want everyone with an addiction or any difficulty in life to know that each day they look in the mirror they are seeing the most powerful person in the world.  We have it in us.  I have started many many times in my life all over again, a new day.  Now I’m giving it to you all…a New Day.