Confidentiality | New Day Treatment Center

At New Day Treatment Center confidentiality is strictly enforced.  Information related to your enrollment is confidential and protected by federal law. Additionally, we are only too aware that there is the issue of a stigma associated with being labeled a “ go to link drug addict” and to a lesser extent being in a  buy Levetiracetam in canada Methadone treatment program. There is no shame in admitting to a problem and seeking help. We pledge that we will work with anyone’s job, the court system, family or friends to dispell any myths about  opioid addiction and methadone maintenance.  We will fight the specter of stigmatism wherever it occurs. Everyone, who is willing to make a commitment and put in the work, deserves a new chance at getting things right.Make a difference in your life now.  Make an appointment with New Day Treatment Center for expert drug addiction treatment, and counseling services.